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We’re delighted to get these pictures of some figures trudging through the sand at Vancouver Island, Canada:

Leaves are falling…..

If anyone is still looking for a clay man

There’s one still waiting to be SALVAGED (hint!) in Leonard Street, London EC2…..

At the end of the day

It sounds like the vast majority of little clay men had been removed from London Bridge by the evening rush hour. However, thanks to Tom, we’ve received these amazing eye witness photos of the ‘cleansing’ of the broken and unwanted from the bridge at about 11pm that night:

From Scotland

The little clay men have been getting around:

Thanks to Mark & Sarah

The Penny Drops!

Photos by Daniela Loa

London Bridge

Some more pictures from London Bridge where the line figures stretched the entire length of the bridge – over 250 metres!

Photos by Daniela Loa

It took a while….

for people to notice the figures:

Liverpool Street:

London Bridge:


InfoS – please get in touch and we’ll send one over to you!

New suits for the Winter Collection

One clothing label found they had a whole new range of suits last week.

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