“art outside our office today. Just underneath a boob… easily spotted ”


“4 from Picadilly Gardens have taken refuge in my Beardies tank! ”


“#littleclaymen under the microscope”

“#littleclaymen‬ meets sandflies and shows remark`able insect repellent properties”




“made my day when I found my ‪#littleclaymen‬ on the bus yesterday! He’s my new lucky mascot ”


“‪#TheRatRace‬ ”

“Was leaving Manchester all disappointed at not finding ‪#littleclaymen‬ and then in Piccadilly I sat down and Lo!”


“steamy city montreal”

“Surf’s up – stoked!”

“Skies above JFK”

“waiting in line in Montreal #mutek2012″


“in order to succeed in business you have to go over dead bodies!”

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