Well it’s taken us a while but below are just some of the responses to Lawrence Epps’ Human Resources project from Twitter and elsewhere.  We hope you enjoyed the project as much as we did and many thanks to everyone who engaged with the artwork, gave a new home to one of the #littleclaymen or participated in any way.

The Sykey Collective




From @jenabee

“#littleclaymen‬ getting stuck into some giant rat head making for Manchester Day Parade”

“Week. Made.”

Ollie Palmer:

“Only a day late to take my #littleclaymen on a Jubilee river cruise”


“Lounging in Tuscany”






“I have just been handed a victim of clayicide! Cruel”



“Chilling with the locals”


“#littleclaymen Visiting London…part two”

“#littleclaymen Visiting London…part three ”

(alas we seem to have lost part one of this city adventure! – please get in touch if its still available – thanks very much – Sykey)


“Picadilly Gardens”

“#littleclaymen not blinded @ Kilburn Building, School of Computer Science and IT Services”

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