“Today is ‪#IDAHO‬ so get out there and fly your flag my ‪#littleclaymen‬ is doing his bit”


“My friend has her #littleclaymen who is gracing her screen checkin out the 6thfloor view”



“opposite the Velvet end of Canal Street, two of them are gone, now on my mantle, two more still there”



“Boys and girls come out and play to see the commuters made of clay”


“#littleclaylimbs in picc. gardens”


“The #littleclaymen have hitched a ride home”


“#littleclaymen making my walk to work more fun”


“Noooo! Don’t jump! Work will get better!!!”





“One of the #littleclaymen makes it to Ray’s Jazz Cafe in London”

“My #littleclaymen have taken a trip to the office”

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