“Oh no. I found a #littleclaymen man who seems to have had a bad day…”



“Tundra Clive”

“Don’t do it Clive!!”


“Got one!”


“#littleclaymen at shudehill. Made my morning”



“MMU Business School is filling up nicely I see”


“On the rd 2 recovery”




“found on way to work – standing in for hr dept”


“Loads of #littleclaymen on window ledges of platform 1 at piccadilly station still”


“Found one of the #littleclaymen next to a big foot on my way to work”




“at Victoria Baths”


“preparing for his tropical travel vaccine ; it won’t hurt….much”


“Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station (MAN)”


“Saw these #littleclaymen on my way to work. One has now joined me”

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