“Lunchtime drinks”



” look who miraculously jumped through my letterbox and is helping me this morning…”


“#littleclaymen brightened up my walk to work this morning! Now he’s my mate on my desk”


“I saw some of these this morning! Wish I’d of picked him up….gutted!!”



“Thanks to @sykeycollective for the #littleclaymen in Manchester – I’ve picked up mine”


“#littleclaymen has successfully commuted to the office.”


“Scene of crime”


“littleclaymen enjoying delcious offerings with my papa.”


“Well happy with my little clay man #littleclaymen thanks”


“#littleclaymen Stevenson Sq, depleting in numbers as we speak”


“And having a look around the Rylands reading room… ”


“Diving in with #littleclaymen @Victoriabaths”


“Hanging out with my rhino and dartboard”

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